Your love languages
Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch? Which of these is your primary love language?
This questionnaire consists of 30 pairs of statement. You can only pick one statement in each pair as the one best represents your desire (You should only choose one!). Read each pair of statements and mark down the letter that matches with the statement you choose. Once you've finished making your selections, count the number of times you circled each individual letter. Your primary love language is the one that receives the most points.

1. Sweet notes from my partner make me feel good. -- A
I love my partner's hug. -- E

2. I like to be alone with my partner. -- B
I feel loved when my partner washes my car. -- D

3. Receiving special gifts from my husband makes me happy. -- C
I enjoy long trips with my husband. -- B

4. I feel loved when my partner helps with the laundry. -- D
I like it when my partner touches me. -- E

5. I feel loved when my partner put his/her arm around me. -- E
I know my partner loves me because he/she surprises me with gifts. -- C

6. I like going most anywhere with my partner. -- B
I like the hold my partner's hand. -- E

7. I value the gifts my partner gives to me. -- C
I love to hear my partner says he/she loves me. -- A

8. I like for my partner to sit close to me. -- E
My partner tells me I look good, and I like that. -- A

9. Spending time with my partner makes me happy. -- B
Even the smallest gift from my partner is important to me. -- C

10. I feel loved when my partner tells me he/she is proud of me. -- A
When my partner helps clean up after the meal, I know that he/she loves me. -- D

11. No matter what we do, I love doing things with my partner. -- B
Supportive comments from my partner make me feel good. -- A

12. Little things my partner does for me mean more to me than things he says. -- D
I love to hug my partner. -- E

13. My partner's praise means a lot to me. -- A
It means a lot to me that my partner gives me gifts I really like. -- C

14. Just being around my partner makes me feel good. -- B
I love it when my partner gives me a massage. -- E

15. My partner's reactions to my accomplishments are so encouraging. -- A
It means a lot to me when my partner helps with something I know he hates. -- D

16. I never get tired of my partner's kisses. -- E
I love that my partner shoes real interest in things I like to do. -- B

17. I can count on my partner to help me with projects. -- D
I still get excited when opening a gift from my partner. -- C

18. I love for my partner to compliment my appearance. -- A
I love that my partner listens to me and respects my ideas. -- B

19. I can't help but touch my partner when he's close by. -- E
My partner sometimes runs errand for me, and I appreciate that. -- D

20. My partner deserves an award for all the things he does to help me. -- D
I'm sometimes amazed at hoe thoughtful my partner's gift to me are. -- C

21. I love having my partner's undivided attention. -- B
I love that my partner helps clean the house. -- D

22. I look forward to seeing what my partner gives me for my birthday. -- C
I never get tired of hearing my partner tells me that I am important to him. -- A

23. My partner lets me know he/she loves me by giving me gifts. -- C
My partner shows his/her love by helping me without having to ask. -- D

24. My partner doesn't interrupt me when I am talking, and I like that. -- B
I never get tired of receiving gifts from my partner. -- C

25. My partner is good about asking how he can help when I'm tired. -- D
It doesn't matter where we go, I just like going places with my partner. -- B

26. I love cuddling with my partner. -- E
I love surprise gifts from my partner. -- C

27. My partner's encouraging words give my confidence. -- A
I love to watch movies with my partner. -- B

28. I couldn't ask for any better gifts than the ones my partner gives me. -- C
I love it that my partner can't keep his hands off me. -- E

29. It means a lot to me when my partner helps me despite being busy. -- D
It makes me feel really good when my partner tells me he/she appreciate me. -- A

30. I love hugging and kissing my partner after we've been apart for a while. -- E
I love hearing my partner tell me that he/she missed me. -- A

A: ___ B: ___ C: ___ D: ___ E: ___

A = Word of Affirmation
B = Quality Time
C = Receiving Gifts
D = Acts of Service
E = Physical Touch